Five days tours

        Visit a region, know its fests, its handywork,       savour its specialties and wines. For, when the       day ends, appreciating the well beeing of a       carefuly selected hotel.

 Magical Luberon : The Luberon, this beautiful mountain range known as " the mountains of the madmen", possesses two black statues of the blessed-virgin, standing as pillars of ancient tradition. There are tombs carved in stone. The crypt of St Ann and the presence of Venus are among the female archetypes one can find.The beauty of the landscape, the ochre, the blue cedar trees, the running waters, will be our background for this sacred archaeolgy.

 Fairy Alps : High perched chapels where the voices of nymphs answer to the light, and springs murmur. Melusine, the Middle Ages sorcerer, has left fertility stones in crypts and valleys. A vision of Roman Provence and the times of moorish invasion. The lost mythical city of Théopolis like a bridge joining heaven to earth.

 The Var district : Numerous chapels, crypts and caves consecrated to the Virgin-Mary and Mary-Magdalen, the sinner, mark a long path of fertility rites. Fairy tales surround a dolmen and a mummy guards an abbey.

 Around the Rhone river : Close to each other, history and legend, Roman Empire ruins, cloisters, sacred springs, chapels and miracles. Saints landing by boat in enchanted Camargue defeated Drac and Tarasque, pagan monsters.

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