"A la carte" tours

           We can organize special tours fitting your
     personal wishes and interests. You can choose
     the itinerary and hotel standards, the food, the
     evening concerts and the monuments to be

    Here are some suggestions:

    According to seasons : A tour following the local festivities related to a season : Carnaval, Easter, Christmas, etc. Their specific legends, expressing the culture and imagination of provençal villages.

    Following the Templars : At the fascinating time of the crusades, a community of warriors monks settled in the holy-land. They had staging posts in Provence from 1124.

    The Great Goddess : On the coasts of Liguria, the phoenecian established Massalia. Artemis, the fertility goddess, was there before the " Bonne Mère ", protector of Marseille. Roman soldiers introduce from Anantolia the worship of Cybele. The celtic Dana also contributed to the female archetype...

    The jewish presence in Provence : Jewish communities settled in Provence from the first centuries and where already prosperous in the Middle Ages. They fostered an intense philosophical and mystical activity. The Popes living in Avignon protected the jews. The first book of the Kabbala was published in Provence at the end of the XII century.

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